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Family Law Attorneys in Sun City West and Surprise

Arizona firm handles various cases involving domestic matters

You can count on the knowledgeable Arizona attorneys at Pennington Law, PLLC to give you the comprehensive legal support you need during a divorce or other family law challenge. From our offices in Sun City West and Surprise, we offer personalized counsel during contested and uncontested divorces, custody disputes, child support proceedings and other matters. Blending exceptional legal knowledge and a personalized approach to our clients’ issues, we help you tackle tough obstacles while you look to build a better life for yourself and those you love.

What goes into a child custody order?

There are two elements to child custody orders in Arizona. One part of the order concerns how parents will handle decision-making authority for their minor son or daughter. Usually, this legal responsibility can be shared, and we look to develop a parenting plan that gives both parties the chance to remain heavily involved in their child’s life whenever possible. The second part of the order involves setting forth a parenting time schedule, which states how much time the youth will spend at each home. It is often beneficial to work these parenting plans out through negotiation or mediation, but we are experienced litigators who will stand up for you in court if that is what the situation calls for.

Understanding visitation rights

Known as parenting time under Arizona law, we assist parents with a full range of visitation concerns. Our personalized approach to each case helps us to develop schedules that meet the unique needs of children and parents and address issues such as holiday visits and vacation time. We know the importance of maintaining strong parent-child bonds even when they no longer share a primary residence and also handle cases where grandparents seek visitation rights.

Helping clients with various types of divorce

Regardless of whether your divorce is relatively peaceful or marked by sharp disagreements over issues such as custody, child support and alimony, we deliver comprehensive legal support. Our attorneys can explain how Arizona’s community property standard might be applied in your case and handle the special challenges you could face if you’re going through a military divorce. Though no one looks forward to the marriage dissolution process, you can count on us to protect your interests and relieve your burden as you move ahead to the next phase of your life.

How is child support determined?

Arizona child support rates are usually calculated based on the relative incomes of both parents. Other factors, such as who pays for health insurance premiums and child-care costs, are also considered. You might wish to make additional provisions for higher education expenses or costly extracurricular interests. Disagreements sometimes arise regarding the accuracy of financial information that is used, and our lawyers will advocate for an appropriate resolution.

Child support modification and enforcement

Ensuring that your child’s financial needs are met might requires legal action. To obtain an order for child support, legal paternity might first need to be established. Problems can also arise after an initial child support order is entered. If you have not been receiving the full child support payment that you are owed, various enforcement measures can be used to collect the required payment, including the withholding of your co-parent’s income. You can rely on us for effective representation in these proceedings, as well as in modification actions when an income change or some other circumstance justifies a change to the child support rate.

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