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Sun City West and Surprise Child Support Attorneys Work to Obtain a Balanced Arrangement

Arizona firm assists paying and recipient parents

The concept of child support seems relatively simple, with most people understanding that both parents should make a financial sacrifice for their sons and daughters. However, reaching an appropriate child support order and modifying it when necessary can be much more complicated. Pennington Law, PLLC in Surprise and Sun City West advocates on behalf of parents so that child support terms are based on accurate information about the parties’ finances and their child’s specific needs.

Understanding child support guidelines

Each situation is unique, but most child support orders in Arizona generally follow the formula set forth in the state guidelines. In this calculation, both parents’ income is considered, along with health insurance costs, child care, the number of children a parent has and the amount of time a son or daughter spends in each parent’s home under their child custody plan. You might also have special circumstances that justify a deviation from the standard child support framework. For example, if your son or daughter has exceptional medical or educational needs, it might be necessary to incorporate the associated costs into the final child support determination.

Modifying child support orders

During a divorce or a child support proceeding involving parents who were never married, the parties and judge cannot anticipate changes that might occur after the order is entered. If one parent loses their job, the loss of income would justify a downward shift in their share of the overall child support obligation. Likewise, if a parenting time schedule is altered significantly, an adjustment in child support could be warranted as a son or daughter spends more time in one parent’s home. If a change in circumstances would move the monthly amount at least 15 percent or $50 (whichever is lower) under the state’s formula, you can petition the court for a modification.

Enforcing child support orders

Several potential solutions exist to enforce child support obligations in Arizona. In many cases, an income withholding order is issued by the court to a parent who has not made full, timely payments. Up to 50 percent of a worker’s disposable income can be diverted to a recipient parent using this method. Nonpayers might also face the suspension of their driver’s license and other sanctions. Our firm can petition the court for full relief if your co-parent owes you money.

Negotiating child support through mediation

Both parents bear legal responsibility for meeting the financial needs of the children they share. Spending substantial sums of money to argue over each side’s share usually is not an in anyone’s best interest. Whenever possible, our firm uses negotiation and mediation to resolve questions over the accuracy of financial information, provisions to deal with higher education costs and other matters. By achieving consensus on these critical issues in weeks or months, the parties can conserve their resources and move forward with confidence.

Litigating child support issues

Sometimes, disagreements between parents on child support issues cannot be bridged. This might occur if a father or mother is hiding income or failing to work to reduce their child support obligation. We won’t let you be cheated or intimidated and are always prepared to represent you in court in pursuit of a fair order. Though it can take months, or even more than a year, to complete a divorce trial, our attorneys will advocate for equitable temporary child support arrangements while the case is pending.

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